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Game Factions

Cards from Immortal Arena are divided into 9 separate groups - 8 different factions and a factionless group.

All these factions were created by the original 4 races in the Immortal Arena universe: Human, Robot, Unliving and Alien.

Humans split into The Awakened Ones and Dark Prophecy, Robots split into Ikarus Guard and Alpha Company, Unliving split into The Kult and Berserkers, and Aliens split into Emperors of Huracan and Nyx Legion. Rebels from each of these races that did not want to take part in any of the other factions, and are mostly on their own, are called Factionless.

Each faction has a different play style, so make sure to pick the ones that suit you best. You can have between 1 and 3 different factions mixed in a single deck.


Many of their cards having Flying, allowing them to bypass defenders on the ground. They are also known for their Champions which give strong bonuses to their army, but only one Champion may be deployed at a time.


Alpha Co. relies heavily on Artificial cards and a large number of abilities that synergize with them. Characters are frequently buffed to the point of being nearly unstoppable.


They rely heavily on defense. Most Characters have greater health than power. While they hold off their opponent, they seek to win either by morale or by a number of alternative win condition cards.


Recurring characters, Graveyard manipulation, fear, death and assimilation. Dark Prophecy feature stall effects, reanimation tactics and card control. Crush your opponents with endless hordes of Characters.


The Kult has the largest amount of removal and damag Ability cards. Their Characters tend to be few and weak. Playing The Kult requires a strategic mind - bluffing and being willing to sacrifice your own followers.


A chaotic faction, Berserkers focus on death, sacrifice, randomness and anything that disrupts what players feel is 'normal' when a game is being played. Do the unexpected, destroy the best laid plans. Worship Chaos.


Their cards are very aggressive, aiming to win the game fast with a swarm of characters. The cost for their speed is a lack of staying power, as their removal abilities are temporary, providing a window for quick victory.


They focus on the raw power of their Characters to overwhelm their enemies, having access to a number of resource ramping cards which allow them to deploy large Characters faster.


These cards can be assigned to any deck. They tend to be either generic utility and filler cards, 'fun cards' or have unique mechanics.