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Battlefield Overview

The Immortal Arena Battlefield features multiple important zones where the action happens, as well as a player information area, which contains relevant data, such as health, morale and mana.


The Command Zone is the area where both player's chosen 3 Commanders or Generals start the game. You can move cards away from the Command Zone to any other Zones, but you can't bring cards back into this Zone. Most abilities can target cards placed in the Command Zone, but not direct kill ability cards.


All cards must first be deployed into the Support Zone. The only exceptions to this rule are the Commanders, Generals and cards that have special abilities (ie. cards with Charge can be deployed straight into the Assault Zone from your hand, or cards with Vigilance can be deployed straight into the Defense Zone).


Cards placed in this zone will try and attack the opponent's fortress each turn. If there are no enemy cards placed in their Defense Zone, they will hit the fortress which takes down your opponent's health bar. If their health goes to 0, you win the game. If there are enemy cards placed in their Defense Zone, your attacking cards and their defending cards will fight each other.

The damage done to cards is permanent, and does not refresh back to full after each turn ends. If your opponent has 1 card in the Defense Zone, and you have multiple cards in your Assault Zone, your opponent's defending card will block each of your attacking cards until it dies.


Cards deployed in the Defense Zone will block attacking cards from the opponent's Assault Zone. If there are no attackers, the cards in this Zone will simply stay there and do nothing in the given turn, unless they have special abilities that state otherwise.