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The Game

Immortal Arena is a NFT Card Game where you collect card and commander NFTs and fight against other players in PvP matches, or play solo versus AI bots in Training Fights and Dungeon runs.

You earn IMOS, SOL and card rewards for playing, which you can reinvest in your decks to become stronger and earn more, or sell them for profits.


IMOS is the official game currency and token of the Immortal Arena project. It is accumulated through participating and winning fights in PvP or passively based on the mining speed of your account.

As the main currency token of the game, players will need to spend IMOS in the Forge, to craft or upgrade their Game Cards or disassemble cards they no longer need, pay the entry fees for dungeon runs, buy Immortal Arena items from the web app shop or stake it for different rewards.

Game Cards

Immortal Arena uses different types of cards in its gameplay. You need at least 3 Commander cards and between 40 and 50 other Deck cards. The Deck cards contain the following types: Unit, Ability, Artifact and Location.

All cards follow a rarity system and are currently divided into 5 possible rarities: Common, Epic, Mythic, Immortal and Eternal. All these cards are divided into 8 different Factions, plus a Factionless variant which can be included into any type of Deck.

Commander Cards

Commanders are special cards that represent the player’s characters and start always in play. They can have abilities tied to them.

Commander Cards can only be used in the 3 available Commander slots and cannot be used in the normal Deck. These cards have a special Zone on the battlefield in the game, called "Command Zone". These are your strongest cards and if all 3 of your commanders die, you will lose the game.

Ability Cards

A card that can only be kept in the player's hand, and has an Effect that gets called when the card is used.

Abilities automatically go to the Graveyard after they’re used, or are discarded, depending on their rules text.

Unit Cards

A card that can be placed in the battlefield slots, and also has Power and Health stats. These are the most common type of cards and will consist of the bulk of your playable deck.

Unit cards also store a ‘Damage Taken’ value. When the unit receives damage, this Damage value will be incremented. The Health Stat is actually calculated by subtracting Damage from Total Health.

Artifact Cards

Non-Unit Cards that can only be placed in hand and Artifact slots.

They don’t have attack or health and can’t be attacked. They can have activatable abilities tied to them.

Location Cards

Location Cards are unlocked only by joining one of the 5 Luduses available in the web app. These cards don’t have attack or health and can’t be attacked.

A player cannot have more than 1 location in play at any time. Playing the 2nd location will replace the first.